tamii taco (meetmeinmontok) wrote in getdowngrrrl,
tamii taco

why do bad things always come all at once?
im so tired of all this fucking shit.
things at home fall apart.
the one person that was supposed to care for me must have never really did.
and what am i left with?
i hardly even have fucking "acquaintances"
not that it matters.
not like i can go out.
im so fucked.
how am i supposed to be there for my mom when i can hardly keep myself together?
im so tired of keeping everything inside.
it hurts so much.
all the time. all the time.
and now my future is fucked too.
i cant leave my mom by herself. i cant do that.

ive oficial thrown out my heart. im never going to give it to anyone ever again. this is the last time i ever believe an "i love you" and say it.

ive never felt so alone in my whole life.

i dont mean to look for pity or even comments. i just really needed to get some of this out.
please guys just limit yourselves to "man that sucks"
cuz i dont want to hear anything you dont mean.
im tired of people's games, and lies. thats the last thing i want to hear.
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shit girl, i don't play games cuz im too lazy to read the instructions.:p but seriously, just know that if you need anything, i really am here to help.
We are in very similar situations.
I think we should talk, I have an idea of how you feel.
Call me if you ever need anything, Tamz.
Also, i'm going to call you soon because if I had any idea about this today, we wouldve talked already. :o