tamii taco (meetmeinmontok) wrote in getdowngrrrl,
tamii taco

Happy birthday Nicole! :]

hope you liked your cake. i helped crack the eggs >_<

anyway, on a not so happy note.
[rant on]
i think my boyfriend hates me. well not really but, i always put my foot in my mouth and say or do really stupid things that he takes to heart and really personally.
it sucks! and makes me feel like a bad person :[[. i think thats probably why i hate being in a relationship so much. becuase as much as i love the person, it doesnt matter, at one point or another caring so much for them just makes you feel like a horrible person. and i can take THEM being mean er whatever, i can take a lot. but i absolutly hate feeling like i fucked up. and i always seem to do that ;/ im just too blunt and hes just too sensitive. i dont know how to candy coat things;/ and i feel like a relationship should be something where there is nothing you cant talk about. you know? idk. maybe im just crazy.
[rant off]
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Deleted comment

Deleted comment

haha thanks mang :].
yah i do the same. i just try to keep it quiet. but eh, i feel like if i dont, then it just piles up like dirty laundry!

jada, your so cool. when are we going to hang out? >_<

haha thats how i feel with you :p
jk. i've just got a case of the meaniess!
::takes gold star away::
baby, your not a bad person you just tell like it is.
which is what i love about you..
your not a bad person either. pfft. your wonderful and amazing..and beautiful...and you make me laugh when we make awkward noises.