KELLEY. (myantidrug) wrote in getdowngrrrl,

Hello. First off, I am Kelley, and I am one of the mods of this community. The purpose of this update is just to let you all know what this community is all about.

I have always wanted a place to write about annoying things, and by things I usually mean boys and girls, but I didnt want any opinions or people defending themselves by trying to argue their point or purpose for the things they do because frankly, my mind is set and I dont care.
Now then. You have the ability to post and rant about whatever is on your mind.
I thought it would be kind of interesting to have a weekly anonymous confession.. I will notify you when that day comes, so any questions can be posted throughout the day and everyone who responds has to be anonymous, or the comment will in fact be deleted. Keep in mind, this isnt about judging anybody, and it defeats the purpose of an anonymous confession.

The rules are the following:

01. Mention names of the people you are talking about.
Please dont give us crap like "yea she is such a bitch and i just cant stand her." If you do post such an entry, you will be warned... but fuck the three chances thing. If you do it again you will be banned simply for not having any guts and for being boring. If you refuse to mention names, save it for your own personal lj.

02. If your story is extremely long, please do a lj-cut. I have other friends too, you know.

03. Drama is fun.. when youre not involved. So dont start shit with anyones opinions on this community. Its not about what you think about their post, so just shut up already. If you dont agree with what they think, then simply disregard their post. All you drama starters out there will be banned if you continuously start it. NO MERCY.

04. FILL OUT THE SURVEY BEFORE YOU POST. If you get accepted into this community, then congradulations. But we want to know a little bit about you. The survey is in the user info. FILL IT OUT OR ELSE.

05. This community is to rant, so feel free to do so. I mean, who cares what other people think! Its all about us girls, baby.

So lets start this thing off with a bang, shall we?
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