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referring to all the bitches who bleed drama & smack talk.

why can't everyone just love eachother?

I think everyone needs to get the fuck over shit & move on.
it only causes fights, bad moods, and not to mention you take
many other people down on your shit trip with you. leave the drama
at home and just go out with intentions of meeting new people, having
ridiculous amounts of fun with your friends, and just... take a load off.

& the shit talking?
this is immature, 5 year olds.
everyone just needs to shut the fuck up. work out whatever problem you
may have the best way you can. kiss and make up. then go on living.
if you can't even manage that, then attempt to grow the fuck up.
cause life is full of disputes & I dont know about anyone, but I wouldn't
want to have to live with all that bullshit piling up on me.
lovers > fighters, drama queens/kings

the motherfucking end

I loved seeing you three. Kelley, Gwyn, and Lauren.
made my heart jump into my throat. :]
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