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Ohhh BOY!

I think I have really fallen for him. Its bittersweet. A part of me feels like I have butterflys in my stomach, the other part of me wants to rip out my stomach. :/ I dont know. My heart keeps telling me to keep trying for it, my mind keeps reminding me i have no chance. I have never been so confused, yet it all somehow makes soo much sense. HELP!?
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so whos the lucky guy??
this community says to NAME NAMES!!
so spill man!!
Sorry, I thought everyone knew. Its Justin. I really, really like him now. It's not even funny. He drove me home (just me and him) from Barnes and Noble, and even though nothing happened, it was just an awesome feeling. EWWWWWWWWWWW I dont know what to do. I really, really want him to like me. :/
as much as i know it will be frustrating for you to accept this, i really think you have to be patient with him, but just ask yourself if you think he's worth it, do you think something you've been wanting for so long will come out of this? or do you think its a waste of time and in the end it wont be something that satisfies you?

its honestly up to you, i really think you just have to decide if your gonna go for it or (in ur famous words) just say "well fuck that shit dude!" LMAO :)
ughhh...i know. Honestly, I can sort of see both of those 2 things happening. I think I am leaning more towards waiting for things to develope. He is a really great guy. I guess I am just tired of waiting. GOD! I really like him! I just wanna know if he likes me. Its killing me! ARGH! But ya, I guess Im just gonna have to wait things out. I really hope it works out.
then go for it dude, i REALLY doubt he'll be "the asshole boyfriend" and why give up so easily? patience darlin' patience! :)
You're gonna have to help me through all of this. I apologize if I am annoying you with all of my lame problems. I guess its just gonna take a lot of work to have to be Sitting, Waiting, and Wishing...;) <333

.....::awkward silence::

his granparents sleep with the roomlight on.
Thanks dude. :] <333
cuz i mean youve come all this way. & its growing ((the relationship)) & you juss havta give it time!
Ughh...I suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure hope so. Part of me feels like things b/w us are improving, but i dont want to get too confident, ya know? :/
yeahh i know. but i mean hey.
its really been blossoming. the relationship.
youve gotten him to be more outgoing & he seems to really like hanging out with you :D
who knows what will happen next.
your leaving, but when you come back. who knows.
((i personally say wait it out...not saying somethings gonna happen, but you know how he is [he even talks slow], maybe hes juss moving slowly))
Lol Berger..
"you know how he is [he even talks slow], "

but hm. I've already talked to you about this a lot. The one thing you canNOT do is push for something to hhappen faster than it is supposed to. There's no telling whether he'd be a good boyfriend or not, BUT you need to first make sure you're reading him correctly. There's subtle ways to show you like him without like, throwing yourself on him, and there's some sneaky things you can do to get out of him how he really feels.. but you dont want to rush it. Like i said, if he's in limbo right now about maybe likeing you, maybe not, then these next few times yall hang out could be HIS deciding factor. So just chill, be your beeeyootiful Colleen self, and let time decide where it goes! as hard as that is, I promise its the best thing to do.

((haha ew he moves slow. he even talks slow. hahahahah))
ahhhh dude. This really sucks. I dont want to "throw myself on him," but i feel like if i stop "casually flirting" he is not gonna take the initiative to get to get closer to me. :/ And, since IM leaving, im scared its gonna get in the way of us getting to spend more time together, especially when we've made so much progress. I just dont want him to like forget about me when im gone. :(. But anyway, YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!? Now is the PERFECT time to hang out with him and FINALLY ASK HIM about me. ;)Puh-leeeease! :D
Ya, i can see he is beginning to open up more. I really like that. He is opening up a lot more, and that makes me feel really good. :D. I just really wanna know if he likes me. I know he is just really shy, and the fact that he is probably really scared to get hurt doesnt help. I just want the reassurance, ya know? I just want some kind of small sign for him to show that he likes me. :/
yeah i totally get ya.
but eh. your now probally on a plane. & well when you come back we will see what happens.
but yeah dude. juss look at all the progress. he could juss be moving slowly & reassuring himself of what he wants!
good luck baby!
thanks....:D I'll make sure to keep you updated on how things turn out! <33
I hope all is goin well.

I added you hun.
i added you too! :D <333